Draft Wine System!

Draft Systems

Beer, wine, mixed cocktails all on tap. Imagine the possibilities. Would a pre-mixed cocktail add to your bottom line? With the new line of  Type X or Barrier Tubing you can change out the beverage to beer, liquor or wine as needed. Draft system are also good for the environment due to the reduction in packaging.

For instance, featured above is Soltera in San Diego. Here we have a beautiful wine draft system that’s filling wine growlers as well as glasses. A custom built re-purposed wine barrel was designed to mount these taps that are forty feet from the wine storage using a hybrid cooling system to maintain the perfect temperature at the tap. The lines are the new generation of Ultimate Barrier tubing specially designed to dispense all product types. Imagine the liberty of switching beverages whenever you like with minimal cleaning.

If you’re interested in the craft beer scene or just want to add more taps we’ve got you covered. Not sure if your establishment can support more taps? Why not schedule a consultation to determine the best way to reach your goals? We’ve been installing complete systems for over twenty years. Not only do we bring a ton of experience to your project, our proposals are some of the most competitive you will find anywhere. Contact us today!

nice direct-draw draft system
Nice direct-draw draft system

We love the industry and all the friends we’ve made along the way. Let d² show you how you can add more taps to sedate the masses while improving your bottom line. Trust us when we say that adding more taps to dispense craft beers, wines, or even liquor will bring more customers in and keep them coming back. Let us show you how.

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