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Noteworthy things we’ve done

Rudy’s Gone Green

We take pride in protecting the environment while building systems to sedate the masses at d2 dispense systems. Check out Rudy’s Taco Shop, Carlsbad. They had us install a 5’x7′ walk-in out of re-purposed panels! And, it came out beautiful.20150721_110432Room for eight kegs with the potential for twelve. Mmmm…fifteen gallons of Sculpin. There’s going to be some satisfied customers for sure.


Amplified Brewing, San Diego


This place has a metal music theme that screams fun and has one of the most unique uses of space I have ever seen. Those bright tanks are plumbed right to the taps eliminating the need for kegs.  Food is way above average and the scenery is awesome.  If visiting San Diego this place is a must for craft beer enthusiasts.